Who we are and what we offer

Who we are and what we offer

Sari Israeli

משרד SIPR שרי ישראלי אסטרטגיה תקשורתית ויחסי ציבור,  הוקם בשנת 1996 ומייצג עשרות חברות וגופים, ביניהם מהגדולים במשק.

The Firm provides communication strategy, public relations, crisis management and digital related consulting services.

The Firm’s portfolio includes clients in the business and public sectors in various verticals: Retail, Fashion and Commercial Chains, Tourism, Culture, Life Style, etc.

The Firm’s team includes an experienced team of consultants, who serve our clients for years.

Each client receives our unique and un-divided attention, through understanding of the brand values, brand needs, with a special focus on innovation and creativity.

What is the thing that sets us apart?

Sari Israeli, SIPR – is not another firm, it is a home – a true home for both customers and the team.